I constantly work in my sketchbooks. This daily practice is the foundation and source of further finished and developed work. I see my work as literary chronicles.

A lifetime drawing, illustrating, painting and collaging finds me restating and editing earlier work and utilizing portions and pieces of my sketchbooks.

Much of my work is now driven by the discovered accident, the surprise. I continue to find this both unnerving and ripe with interest and possibility.

It has been said that I am both blessed and burdened with insatiability. I often revisit works after having thought them resolved. Similar to the Abstract Expressionists who inspired me early on, I invite the viewer to bring her/his own memory and thoughts, picking up where I leave off. I want my work open to interpretation despite definitive imagery.

I am represented by Denise Bibro Fine Art, 529 W 20th St. NYC.

Work may also be seen at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago, and in the Permanent Print & Drawing Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.